Featured Music: Holobody

Holobody are the excellent combination of Canadian siblings Felix Green and Sea Oleena (aka Luke and Charlotte Loseth). Based out of Montreal, and each with a number of semi-solo releases behind them, they are shortly to release their first LP as a definitive duo. The album, entitled Riverhood, is set to finally become available next week on the 22nd of May (Tuesday), having been 'streamable' for quite a while via Bandcamp.

Evidently firm supporters of the distribution method enabled by Bandcamp, the Loseth's have in the past put out offerings more focused as individuals; firstly Luke, as 'Felix Green', having made an EP, Green Dream in 2009 and featuring his sister guesting on vocals at times - and later this year comes a second; Labyrinth. Charlotte too, as 'Sea Oleena', has released a self-titled album in 2010 followed by Sleeplessness last year, both with Luke managing the production side.

With the Holobody project however both appear to have had an equal weight of focus, and with Riverhood the balance has definitely worked out to the advantage of both, creating what can only be described as a real gem of an album.

Style-wise Holobody pull together the threads of chilled-out electronica, North American folk and gospel plus a hint of lo-fi hip-hop beats - overlaid with stunning ethereal vocals enhancing some seriously lush atmospherics. Throw into the mix the obvious talents of both to compose some great, understated and brilliantly succinct moments of poppiness (without having to sling a blatant hook in the face) and the result is astonishingly competent and engrossing.

Riverhood begins by doing something you really don't see enough, three tracks (Unfold, Hurricane Season and Stomp Coda) melded together in such a way as to produce a single piece with variations - a little 'prog' and a very cool way to start the LP. Single Riverbed follows and like the majority of tracks on the album, the quality of songwriting is impeccable as moods switch between folky/gospel numbers (such as Way The World Goes Round and Down To The River To Pray respectively) and smooth indietronica songs with cranky beats and warbling basslines.

I really like this LP. I've been listening to it off and on now for a number of months waiting for the 22nd of May to come around, and each play through brings out something I hadn't picked up on before - which is always a sign of good things. Fresh, beautiful and wonderfully put together - Recommended completely 100%. Roll on next week.